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10 Things You Might not Know about eSports

Just a glimpse is enough to get you addicted


The first official eSport tournament was held in 1972, which took place at Stanford University. It was an open invitation to Stanford students believing they had the skill to place top scores for Spacewars. The price money at that time was a year-long subscription to one of the most influential magazines still in circulation, namely Rolling Stone.  


Eight years later that five-man-free-for-all tournament gave way to a bigger platform, calling more than ten thousand participants to take their shot with Space Invaders. Atari was the host, and 1980 spelled the real beginning of eSports as we know it today.


Want to learn some more things about eSports you probably didn’t know?


In tribute of the big response eSports has received over the years, here are some interesting things you might not know about the athletes or the sport.

1.) The oldest athlete at the time of this article is 53 year-old Chris Bond (Fatal). He currently ranks 206 in the United States, and 1097 in the world. He’s made $50,000.00 in his career on Decent 

2.)  The top female athlete on the rankings is Sasha Hostyn (Scarlett). She lives in Canada, she’s 26 years old, and her highest paying platform is SC2. In total this young lady has made more than $170,000.00, she ranks 10th in Canada, and 311 in the world. How impressive is that?

3.) Revenues projected for 2017 from eSports are set to reach no less than $1 billion.

4.) The prize-money in eSports is growing each year with about 70%, and in 2015 a whopping $61 million was spread amongst the winners.

5.) While it’s believed that eSports is mainly for guys, about 22% of athletes are made up of women.

6.) In terms of fan-base size, eSports has a generous 131 million individuals, religiously following what’s happening with their favorite teams and players. There’s also an estimated 125 million who casually follow.

7.) eSports is so popular, especially shooter platforms, it’s watched by the same amount of millennial males who watch baseball.

8.) An eSport fan will most likely be under the age of 35, given that they make up about 61%.

9.) The first televised eSports events ran from the early 1980’s, showing contestants fighting it out for a high score in classic arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.  

10.) If everything goes the way it should, eSports is estimated to have about 300 million fans before 2020.


We’re going to leave you with some 2017 Counter Strike highlights, just to give you an idea of what you might be missing out on.