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About Us

You don’t have to win every game in order to live a winning athlete lifestyle. In fact, it only benefits you to be at your best for the most part of the day, whether it comes with prize money or not. This is the attitude and approach successful athletes from all sports try to follow, because your moment can happen when you least expect it, and you have to be ready. 


The moment you do something for a living it’s not a passion or hobby anymore. It’s a job. For professional eSport athletes it’s the exact same thing. This isn’t to say they don’t enjoy what they do, but there’s a degree of realism that comes with their choice. They have to cross the line between playing for fun and competing at very high and stressful levels.


Before eSports gained so much popularity, athlete schedules typically involved at least seven hours of practice on a daily basis, on top of a high caffeine and sugar diet. Competitions weren’t big or professionally organized, and the honor of ending at the top was the only glory you could share with friends and fans. But things are changing. Even though they still practice for hours on end, they’ve realized that getting the edge means staying healthy. Plus, there’s a lot more pressure to perform, especially if you’re competing in a big hall filled with thousands of people, anxious to see whether you are worth their time.


Just like any other athlete needs to keep his or her body in shape, so do eSport athletes. Of course there are those who are comfortable with their lifestyles, but if you pay attention you’ll notice some of them are getting bigger. This is because controlling your body gives you more control over your mind and ability. For example, hormones and other chemicals affect the way an athlete performs on every level. They are released through eating and exercising. The reason why a specific diet and exercise regime should be followed is to maintain the hormones and chemicals at their peak balances so-to-speak. In other words, there should be consistency if you want to compete professionally.  


At eSportsPOW we are more than just a little passionate about the topic, which is the inspiration behind the site. It’s not just about celebrating the athletes who inspire, entertain and intrigue us, or the latest news surrounding their latest achievements. We also want to be a helpful resource where aspiring athletes can get tips on improving their performance. And we’ll be doing this by looking at the psychology of winning.


Because when it comes down to it, this is a mental battleground. You have to transform your reality into something with different rules and regulations, and seeing as the body can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality, the challenge is physically straining as well. Out of all the elements that make up the characteristics of a successful LOL championship team, it’s their mental toughness that ultimately turns the tide. It’s the desire to give it everything you’ve got, and if you go down, you’ll go down swinging. Thinking like a champion is the first step to becoming one.


We invite you to join us in crossing a different line where the requirements for a “typical” athlete are just as necessary for eSport athletes. Enough rest, exercise, following a diet that improves concentration, and maybe even stepping into the sun – these are crucial elements for a winning athlete lifestyle. And if you want to know more about it, you’re in good company.