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Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

Finding a good streaming or even chatting microphone can be a very challenging for some people. Not only do you need a very impressive quality, but you also want to opt for a product that’s versatile, durable and in the desired product range. This is not as easy as you may think, which is why it can be a very good idea to focus on quality and a very good attention to detail at all times.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone is one of the latest and better microphones that you can find on the market at this time. Blue Yeti is known for its high quality products, and this particular microphone does stand out quite a bit.




The overall design of this particular product is very impressive. It does come with multiple colors, including silver, black, white and purple among others. At the same time, you also have the ability to get this in multiple bundles. You can get it with a recording bundle, with a game, pop filter or in the USB version. You are free to choose the desired option.


As for its looks and structure, this product is pretty great. It has a tri-capsule array and at the same time it has buttons for volume and muting. It does pay off a lot, which in the end works to your own advantage. It certainly pays off quite a bit, so you may want to check that out right away!




As a good microphone, the Blue Yeti does include quite a lot of interesting features. What you will like quite a bit is the fact that it provides you with a multiple-pattern selection. Simply put, it integrates omnidirectional and stereo, bidirectional and cardioid. These features are very good and they do tend to bring you the value and help that you may need. All of these are rewarding features that bring in front some very good results, so try to check them out right away!


Plus, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone does offer zero latency headphone output as well as gain control. Upon using this model, we found it to be very good for musical instruments, vocals, podcasting and interviews. If you want to get it for podcasting, you may want to opt for the Blue Yeti USB Microphone + Pop filter package as that does help you quite a lot at this particular time.


Also, this model is plug and play. It brings you a good combination of features and it works without any hassle for sure. Installing it can be very easy too, since it works out of the box on any operating system, including Linux.


Should you get the Blue Yeti USB Microphone?


Most of the time you will find the Blue Yeti USB Microphone at around $150 or less. This is a professional microphone, so the value is indeed there, all you have to do is to check it out and you will not be disappointed. Just consider checking it out and the experience will indeed be very impressive and interesting.