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Why Consider a Performance Coach for eSport Athletes?

The general population has yet to grasp the complexities that go with professional eSports, and the strain athletes have to deal with. To most people it’s just people playing a simple video game and nothing more. But in reality, eSports require complete concentration, incredible reflexes and exceptionally quick thinking. In fact, it’s so intense that athletes burn out after only a few years in the professional league.


A performance coach can help to shape the team in a healthy way.


Another misconception is that a performance coach will only focus on physical exercise, when this isn’t the case at all. For an eSport team a more balanced approach is needed, especially with all the pressure they face to perform. You’re looking at several hours every day of training solo, training with the team and preparing for matches. And the cycle doesn’t seem to stop.


The injuries an eSport athlete is vulnerable to come in different forms. These include headaches, carpal tunnel, depression, insomnia, muscle and bone loss, to mention a few. Seeing as so many hours are spent training and NOT focusing on other important issues, the burnouts come a lot quicker.


The Benefits of Hiring a Performance Coach


The duties associated with a performance coach include just about everything surrounding the athlete’s life. For example, they have to ensure the athletes are following a healthy diet, they are getting some necessary exercise, and they stay fit mentally? Every aspect an athlete will typically find challenging outside an eSport arena, can be monitored by a performance coach.


Let’s face it, the last thing an eSport athlete worries about is his health. It’s more important to get better and climb higher up the ranks. And with talks about eSports possibly becoming an Olympic event, the pressure to perform only increases.


But the ultimate benefit of hiring a performance coach is to maintain the balance. Yes, it might mean a little less training, but training will also become much more effective. An athlete with a healthy body will enjoy a healthy mind as well, which is exactly what an eSport athlete needs to keep that edge.


The Proof is Out There


Not many teams have taken the leap of faith yet, mainly because eSport athletes are still strained for money. Budgeting for a coach is difficult, but if one is hired as a permanent staff member the expense won’t be nearly as damaging to the budget.


In terms of proof, teams like the Immortals have stated that a performance coach made an immediate difference. He keeps them mentally and physically healthy by paying attention to things they don’t. And he knows what they should be eating and when it’s time to get some strength and conditioning training. More importantly, he keeps them motivated through several different channels. All the exercise and diet choices lead to better moods and increased concentration with less stress.


While the general public is gaining a new perspective about eSports, maybe it’s time for the athletes to gain a new perspective on doing things solo. You’ll get much further with a stronger foundation, which is exactly what a performance coach represents.