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The Counter-Strike Re-Match that’s set to make History

eSports have never been this exciting…


As far as great matches go, and there have been several in the short history of professional eSports, there is one in particular that’s gaining attention again. Early this year saw the 10th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major grand finals, and what a final it was. The odds were slightly in favor of, the Polish team with a substantial reputation. But their opponents, Astralis, had enough victories to match their confidence. The prize money stood at $500,000.00 and the tension was high, to say the least.


Then the match started, and with every shot that went off it was a nail-biting experience not one of the many spectators will ever forget. There’s an article that even compares the atmosphere and excitement to that of a WWE match, which is incredibly accurate. The commentators, the crowd, and the skills of the athletes were all in sync to deliver what can only be described as a showdown for the ages.


When the final slug was released, it was Astralis pulling the trigger. And even though put up a good fight, they simply couldn’t find an answer to the better strategy by Astralis.


But what if the two teams can relive the moment? Will Astralis walk away with the better strategy again?


It’s Happening Again – So Strap in for a Wild Confrontation


The date is set for June 16, and ELeague has created a special Clash for Cash: The Rematch contest. Given that the first match between the two teams got so much exposure, it’s only natural that got a second chance. Just to give you an idea of how much excitement these teams actually caused, it broke and set a new record for views on Twitch. In fact, it gave birth to a friendly rivalry that probably won’t end with this re-match. The prize money is $250,000.00, and once again, the tension is fantastically high.     


Speculations on which Team might Win?


Looking at the odds, and how well both teams perform on a consistent basis, there is no safe bet on who might win. In their last standoff it was a matter of Astralis just making better choices and keeping their cool under some tense conditions. And they probably had some luck as well. Let’s not forget that Astralis won 16-14, which speaks directly to how dangerous VP can be. Based on what everyone saw at the previous match, the only safe thing you can assume is that the next match will end with the same close call.


Both teams showed quick thinking and lightning reflexes in outnumbered situations. For example, when Snax had to defend the bomb on his own, while facing three quickly approaching Astralis members. He managed to stop the 10 second defuse and take out two opponents. Then he stayed alive to prevent Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz from finishing the de-fuse.


In round 20, it was Xyp9x from Astralis who took on 3 VP members with just one health. By staying cool, his first two kills walked right into his crosshairs, leaving the bomb exposed and easy to defend. When the third and last opponent, Byali, was forced to reach the bomb, he was picked off without much trouble.


There are several other highlights we can point out, such as the intense showdown between Snax and Xyp9x in round 21, or how Kjaerbye saved Astralis from falling out completely, but they all come down to one thing. Both these teams are bad ass, and there’s no telling what’s going to happen on June 16.


The match will be broadcasted live on Twitch, YouTube and TBS, 10 p.m E.T.