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Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Review

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is one of the keyboards that a low of people seem to have a very high praise for. But why is that, and what makes this particular product worth your time? Let’s find out by analyzing the features and performance offered by this unique, interesting keyboard.




The nice thing about the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is that it has an anodized aluminum top panel. That one is created for improved durability and it works very well. The value that you receive from that is very interesting and you do receive a resounding attention to detail here, which is great to begin with. Plus, the visuals are impressive, the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate model actually has blank key caps. If you already know the positioning of each key, then you don’t really need any info on the keycaps, so this can indeed be very interesting for some users.



Right off the bat, you will note that the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate comes with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches. People that want a lot of value for their money will find this a worthwhile inclusion. A thing to note here is that you do get audible feedback and even tactile feedback. The downside is that the keyboard can seem rather clicky and noisy for people that don’t use a regular mechanic keyboard most of the time. Still, if you want to find a good keyboard focused on durability and with audible feedback, this can be it.




A thing to keep in mind about the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate it that it has some gold plated switches. This creates a very distinct click each time and the value is indeed there all the time. That’s exactly what you want to get in the end. Das also added a very large volume knob that will allow you to lower the volume on your PC without a problem.


They also integrated a small USB hub here, so you can add USB sticks to it if you so desire. The value is impressive because of that, since it just makes the product extremely interesting to use. The keyboard is also USB based, even if it retains many of the features from old school mechanical keyboards that had a PS2 port.


Also, Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate also has an instant sleep button. If you don’t want to use the mouse to stop your computer, you just have to press that button and that’s it. Things like this make the experience so rewarding, and that’s what you want to get in the end for sure.


Should you get it?

The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is all about offering great office performance. It’s not that great for gamers that want to deal with a silent keyboard, but if you don’t mind the clicky noise, this can be a worthwhile purchase. They focused on quality and durability, something that does show every well. The magnetic footbar can incline the keyboard at 4 degrees and that does bring you the optimal typing experience in the end! Overall, this is a wonderful keyboard and a good purchase if you want a high quality, durable keyboard!