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ESports going to the Olympics?

ESport athletes gather around, because it seems things are getting serious. Even though eSports have only gained real traction over the last couple of years, there are people who have tried to get it to the Olympic Games. And it seems their efforts are paying off.


ESports has qualified as a medal event for 2022 Asian Games, the possible step towards the Olympics.


Before you start questioning how much influence the Asian Games has, don’t forget that it only stands second to the Olympics, making it the second largest sporting event in the world. No less than ten thousand athletes competed in a set of diverse games in 2014, which will now include eSports as well.


A Taste of what’s coming


For all the fans that are dying to see how this is going to play out, there’s a preview coming up next year during the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, where the eSport athletes are going to show their stuff. Fifa 2017 is the only title that has been released in terms of games that will be played, but there will also be a multiplayer online battle arena game such as DOTA2 and LOL. Then of course there will be a real-time strategy game like SC2. Plus, eSports will appear as a demonstration event at the official 2018 Asian games before it becomes an official medal event in 2022.


The Power Behind eSports in China


One could argue that the major sponsorship from Alisports for the event only helps the chances of eSports getting to the Olympics. Just to give you an idea of the magnitude that Alisports hold, they are regarded as China’s Amazon and EBay. And, it invested approximately $150 million in the International eSports Federation, a company based in South Korea. This is the company that requested eSports be made part of the Olympics, and the 2022 Asian Games will serve as the testing ground.


When you take into account how many new sports have joined the 2020 games, such as skateboarding for example, there shouldn’t be any reason for eSport athletes to be left out. Just imagine how diverse the Games would be?


Does eSports Belong at the Olympics?


Sure, there are going to be people that won’t like the idea of eSports joining the Olympics, but that doesn’t make the possibility any less real. ESport athletes train just as hard as Olympic athletes, and the only difference is what they use to train. What these people don’t get is that eSports require incredible reflexes, precision hand-eye coordination, and a sharp mind to boot. So it might not be as physically engaging, but it’s definitely an exhausting sport. Hey, if clay shooting can make it, why not eSports?


Here’s to hoping we’ll see eSports gain a medal event at the Olympics, and it sure looks like it might happen.