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The Mindset Qualities of a Successful eSport Athlete

Learn the Secrets


It’s time to reveal the secrets you’ve been dying to know. What are the mindset qualities of a successful eSport athlete? How do they do it, and what makes them tick? Strangely enough, this information has always been around. It’s no state secret what winners are thinking, and to enlighten you on the subject, here are some of the things running through their mind. Just don’t be surprised if they sound all too familiar.


Persistence makes the Difference


The difference between a successful eSport athlete and one that doesn’t hit the big leagues, is the amount of times the successful athlete is willing to fail. Getting back up when you’ve been ganked so many times you just want to burn the mid-lane from the map, that’s the starting point of reaching the top. Do you want to want to compete with the professionals and make some dough while you’re at it? Then stay persistent. Become the most irritating eSport athlete the community has ever seen by never giving up.


Extend Positive Moods – and Keep it Real


The second mindset quality you’re going to find from a successful eSport athlete is the ability to extend their positive thinking while maintaining a realistic outlook. Let’s break this down a bit.


You can’t be positive all the time. Too much of a good thing applies here, because people aren’t wired that way. We depend on balance, meaning every good action is balanced out with a bad action somewhere in the universe. This doesn’t mean you need to be depressed twelve hours of the day, but you are going to have bouts of depression. The pressure to perform, a lack of sleep, a bad diet, stress, these are all elements that will work on your nerves.


The trick is to decompress as much as possible, and if that means taking one hour from a typical seven hour training session, then so be it. If you don’t balance out your lifestyle, your mind will turn into a prison you ultimately cannot control.


In terms of keeping it real, always pay attention to your surroundings. If you lost a tournament, take all the elements into account. It’s completely possible that you were simply feeling off, which happens from time to time. We are human. But don’t spend your time looking back the whole time, hoping could’ve trained harder. The best thing you can do is to examine the things that could’ve led to your downfall, and look towards your next challenge.


Keep the Hunger Alive


By keeping the hunger alive, you are motivating yourself to always improve. This is a good quality to focus on, especially when the next best eSport athlete is just five clicks away.


But there’s a healthy way to approach this, and a negative one. For example, you want to be the captain of the no.1 Counter Strike team in the world. You want everyone to know you kick ass in a million different ways. You want respect from fellow athletes and those who watch the streaming video. This is not the healthy approach, and your hunger will eventually turn into superficial greed, leaving you falling behind your peers.


The healthy way is to keep the focus on yourself. What are your challenges? What do you want to achieve? As long as it’s not rooted in receiving acclaim from others, then you’re on the right track to keep your motivation alive and well. Sure, it’s cool to be good at something, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your moment of glory.


Just remember, it’s not a permanent moment, and there’s always somebody just waiting to bring you down a step.   


Don’t Waste Your Time


We’re ending things off with a very important piece to this puzzle, which is to savor time. In other words, let go of the past and plan the next strategy. You don’t have time to regret your detrimental choice of flanking at the dumbest possible moment, and leading your team into failure. It’s over, it’s gone, let it go.


What you can do is learn from the experience. Instead of beating yourself over the head with the failure, look at what you did wrong and avoid the same mistake in the future.