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The eSport Team that Could

G2 takes the ESL Pro League Championship, and becomes an inspiration to athletes everywhere


You’ve heard it a million times before – just keep on keeping on. And chances are a shocking pain develops way down south every time somebody says it, because these words don’t mean ANYTHING to you. You’ve been keeping on for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to help, so why bother in the first place?


Show me how the eSport athlete that keeps going finally wins!  


Drawing the line between what you are capable of and the far-fetched fantasy you actually want to reach is difficult, because it’s the unachievable that ultimately drives us. So, it doesn’t matter how scientific or spiritual you want to get, or where in the world you live, it’s a natural to chase that dream.  Unfortunately not everyone reaches it, which is a hard reality some people need to face. But the only way to know whether it’s your reality, is if you experience it to the fullest.


G2’s Modern Day Fairytale


Coming back to the eSport team that could, here’s a small example of what can be done while under the onslaught of negativity.


For those who don’t know, G2 is a French team that has just won the ESL Pro Leagues. And when you read about them being the champions, you’re not thinking they started the season with 1 win and 8 losses. How they turned the ship around to qualify for the ESL Pro Leagues nobody knows yet, but they did it.


They started the competition a little on edge. After barely managing to beat Envy, they lost to a team that only won a single game throughout the tournament – Cloud 9. Adding pain to injury, it was a very one-sided loss as well. They went on to face Immortals, then lost again and made the chances of advancing a lot slimmer.


But just when you thought they were out, they came back and won against SK and Fnatic, cementing their position at the top of the group, and ultimately building a momentum they’d maintain throughout. One of the athletes that really impressed was Kenny. S. for G2. He received the MVP award and rightfully so, but the whole team showed dominance as the tournament progressed. More importantly, they showed resilience when nobody thought they’d even survive the groups.


What this Means to You


G2 is living proof that giving up is just one option. If you don’t leave everything out there, it will haunt you till the day you die.

So, instead of telling you to keep on trying, let G2 be an example of what determination can do. Consistency is such a valuable element of winning, and in the eSport arena you have to master it. It’s fine if you lose every now and again, but for you that loss can turn into a lesson that takes you straight to the top, if you let it.